Eric Kirwin is an industrial designer based in Toronto.
Often inspired by the materials around him, his passion to create is visible within his body of work. His practice is characterized by technical expertise, instinct, and experimentation.  

Balance Ashtray

Simple and fun. The intention is to incorporate personality into a smoking accessory, an object that is typically disregarded. 

The texture on top provides a surface to rest, designed to hold a few cigarettes at a time. The Balance Ashtray is made from a durable and washable urethane plastic that can be dyed a multitide of different colours. 

Urethane Plastic


CNC Machining
Vacuum Forming
Mold Making

Freshly CNC’d master for mold making. With the proper toolpathing I was able to get a very crisp texture directly off the CNC.  The material seen is a high density foam, perfect for vacuum forming. 

Getting the right amount of detail and dimensional accuracy was important, any imperfections would show up in the final product. 

Vacuum forming the master provides a quick and cheap alternative to silicone or fiberglass mold making. Once vacuum formed, the urethane plastic could be poured and allowed to cure in the mold.