Eric Kirwin is an industrial designer based in Toronto.
Often inspired by the materials around him, his passion to create is visible within his body of work. His practice is characterized by technical expertise, instinct, and experimentation.  


JWS Build
Jamie Wolfond Studio’s new base of operation. What started as a bare industrial space was transformed into a conduit for experimentation and design practice. This project is a marriage of workshop carpentry and art gallery.

The importance of balancing function and aesthetic cannot be overstated in the terms of this project. The ability for the space to function as a traditional workshop is as important as the way the actual infrastructure looks.

Every cut, joint, and surface was carefully considered to implement the very functional requirements of the space while maintaining a sense of architectural rationale. Angles are echoed across the studio, as are the proportions, joinery, and assembly details. A sense of cohesion between all the elements from workbenches to shelves to the mini-kitchen are evident.

Granting dominance to either aesthetic or function was a fine line to walk. How sculptural does a lumber cart need to be? Why shouldn't it be beautiful? Like any great painting, a good background has a significant impact on what takes place in the foreground.

Designed in tandem with Jamie Wolfond, built solo by Eric Kirwin. A project where the scaffold of the space is as beautiful as the objects that live on it.