Eric Kirwin is an industrial designer based in Toronto.
Often inspired by the materials around him, his passion to create is visible within his body of work. His practice is characterized by technical expertise, instinct, and experimentation.  



Trapeze is a fixture that captures suspense. A dance between the pull of the anchor, and the push of the body delivers a sense of kinetic wonder and visual gratification. A moment of tension delivers a composition of stillness and precarity. Physical properties are carefully juggled to capture a precise relationship between gravity, resistance, and resolution.

Gently pinched between 2 wires the main light body floats in space, able to be repositioned to deliver multiple lighting options. The anchor generates enough force to tightly capture the body of the light and make sound electrical connections with the internal components. The main light emits a glow that is tunable and dimmable that playfully interacts with its space.